SQRL Login?

From the SQRL web site:

SQRL (pronounced “squirrel”) is an open, free, intellectual property unencumbered, complete and practical system to cryptographically authenticate the identity of individuals across a network. Though principally intended for website visitor identification and account sign-in, its concepts may be extended for related applications. SQRL may be used alongside other traditional website sign-in systems, and it can replace all other systems while offering dramatic improvements in usability and security.

The SQRL Plugin for WordPress is installed for this web site. Can you, the anonymous user, can login this way? I hope so: This is how comments will be accepted on this web site.

No one has tried SQRL here yet. If you are inclined to give it a go, contact me so I can follow your progress in using this login method. I anticipate that you will need my help, at some level, to get this to the point where you can leave comments on a post.

You can download the SQRL app for your mobile device from the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ea.sqrl&hl=en_US